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On July 14th 2017 the world lost an amazing musician and a beautiful soul when David Z was taken from us in a senseless and tragic automobile accident. Those that knew David knew how amazing the was as a person and as an artist. The way he lived his life was truly inspirational. He managed to succeed in the music industry, arguably one of the hardest industries out there, with sheer discipline, hard work and an unwavering positive attitude. He did this while avoiding the lure of drugs and alcohol and staying in peak physical condition. David had a unique mix of professionalism and childlike wonder that made him a joy to work with. Miraculously he climbed the ladder of success without making any enemies which is rare in this business. In addition to his work as a touring musician, David also loved education and working with young children. He love to share his knowledge with anyone who was willing to learn and always made you feel like the rock star in the conversation.

These are just some of the traits that inspired the creation of the David Z Fund which supports music education. Right now there is a permanent endowment under his name set up at Brooklyn College, the school where David got his music degree. Initially the funds will be used to create a music curriculum for young students who are preparing to enter the field of music professionally. The course will be called “DAVID Z’S MODERN MUSICIAN” and will focus on three areas of study: individual lessons, group/band lessons plus an industry/marketing class. The goal of the course is to give aspiring musicians the proper tools needed to succeed on a professional level.

It’s one thing to learn skills in school and a whole other thing to learn how to actually apply them in the real world. David Z was an outstanding role model in this sense because he was a devoted student of his craft who was able to apply his musical skills and business knowledge to become a well respected and professional ROCK STAR! He wasn’t a starving artist and didn’t rely on drugs or alcohol. On the contrary, he was focused, hard working, dedicated, kind and absolutely loved what he did for a living. Most of all he was grateful. With your support, we can instill these important traits in young people and help them realize their dreams of being professional musicians as well as a contributing members of society.

In honor of what would have been his 39th birthday this past Friday 6/29/18, our goal is to raise $39,000 for the David Z Fund before the program launches this September. Since last July we have already raised $29,000 in just online donations alone from word of mouth. That leaves us with a balance of $10,000 to reach our goal. Please consider donating to help preserve David’s legacy and give young musicians the tools to create their own. If you plan to donate a large sum and need a tax deduction, let us know and we can provide that for you through the 501(c)(3) at  Brooklyn College.

Thank you in advance for your generous support,

Paulie Z & the David Z Team